HPP CARES Community Development Center

A Home Source To Home Buyers & Homeowners

HPP Cares is an independent third party comprised of certified counselors also known as Lifestyle Coaches. The following are services we offer:

  • Unbiased information and advice to prospective homebuyers,
  • Counseling to renters seeking affordable options,
  • Homeowner’s who have fallen victim to predatory lending, and
  • Families or individuals seeking coaching toward financial empowerment

While our lifestyle coaches can facilitate learning in groups, online or virtually, increasingly we prefer one-on-one coaching, which has been shown to be the more effective way to generate positive outcomes for households in underserved community.


HPP CARES lifestyle coaches have found the approach allows private questions to be answered, and gives our team time to evaluate and develop tailored plans of action with emphasis on the “Solutions” for each participants unique circumstances.

Our approach is simple We Triage Situation, Access Obstacles, Create A Plan of Action and Execute.

With an emphasis on Instilling Wise Living Disciplines while providing support and advancement for our communities.

HPP CARES Community Development Center  is an excellent example of an Effective, Highly functional public agency that should be thought of as a Lifestyle enhancer and important entry point for underserved communities to achieve goals of homeownership and financial acuity.



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