Important Information for those on the waitlist

Please review the details on this page so that you can understand what you should be doing to ensure that you have the best possibility to ensure if you become an awardee of the CALHFA ADU Grant program you have done things that you should be doing to ensure that HPP CARES can process your request and transition you seamlessly into our program without any issues.

Check here to see if you are the waitlist. If you are unsure — please use the email that you used to submit your application on TDB by CALHFA.

If you appear on the waitlist, please note we have a complete application. The application is complete in that if funding is provided in the near future, we would simply process your application and assign a grant reservation and issue an award letter.

If your name does not appear that means we don’t have a complete application and we suggest that you sign up to receive a notification as to when we will be opening the portal if and only if there is additional funding offered by CALHFA. HOME PRESERVATION and PREVENTION INC DBA HPP CARES

Now for those on the waitlist — if you intend on paying cash and will not be pursing any loans like a 2nd or HELOC home equity line of credit loan. Please be advised that we cannot reimburse you directly a refund for predevelopment expense paid out of pocket. Therefore, you will need to determine if you want to wait or if you want to proceed. Please note that some people work out where there contractor pays some of these items upfront. If CALHFA refunds the program, you could then have your contractor invoice for the predevelopment expenses and you would be able to use the grant program as how it was intended.

For those of you obtaining or have obtained financing like a 2nd mortgage or HELOC, pay your project and all predevelopment expense as they are presented. We will reimburse the project grant funds by paying down the principle of the loan.

In either scenario, if you are submitting for the grant, the project can not be completed prior to being advised that you are an awardee.

Hopefully in the coming weeks we have favorable news regarding the grant.

Step-by-step guidance

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