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Our real estate counselors can assist you with purchases, listings, and property evaluations.

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Our range of specialized real estate services help families gain access to homeownership. We provide a wide array of real estate services unique to the needs of low to moderate income homebuyers who need education about homeownership and financial assistance. Our HPP CARES CDE Realtors® work especially with potential buyers using down payment assistance and first-time homebuyer mortgage programs to purchase their first home. Our realty services focus on increasing stability and security through homeownership, so we help you buy or sell a home in the best way possible.

Our Realty Services for Home Buyers include:

  • Home Buyer Representation
  • Access to Down Payment and Closing Cost Assistance Programs
  • Free Homeownership Education
  • Personalized Pathways to Homeownership Action Plan


When you list your home with HPP CARES CDE, you will not only have professional and experienced agents working to get you the best offer, but you will also have the peace of mind knowing that NPHS gives back to local families and communities. Our HPP CARES CDE Realtors® with years of experience in the real estate industry understand how to best market your home, and have your best interest in mind.

The benefits of working with an HPP CARES CDE REALTOR® include:

Pricing Your Home

Before listing with HPP CARES CDE, our agents will conduct a comparative market analysis, carefully evaluate the characteristics of your home and neighborhood, and work with you to set the best price for your home.

Pricing Your Home

Before listing with HPP CARES CDE, our agents will conduct a comparative market analysis, carefully evaluate the characteristics of your home and neighborhood, and work with you to set the best price for your home.

Property Listing & Marketing

HPP CARES CDE utilizes a variety of methods and platforms to market your home. Using both traditional methods and new media, HPP CARES CDE can market your home through the following (partial listing):

  • Social media campaigns (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube)
  • Professional marketing materials created by in-house graphic design company
  • Flyers at HPP CARES CDE’s Homebuyer Education Classes, attended by over 1,000 individuals per year
  • Priority listing on our website
  • Zillow, Redfin, and other online platforms

Giving Back to the Community

100% of commissions earned go back to the non-profit parent company, Home Preservation and Prevention, Inc., which helps thousands of low and moderate income families each year with financial education and counseling, home repairs, and other critical services.

Property Evaluation

California has one of the Hottest Housing Market. Want to see how much your property is worth? Have HPP CARES CDE Realtors complete a free property valuation. In a seller’s market, where there are more buyers than sellers, property values will increase due to an imbalance between supply and demand. A property valuation is a calculation that is used to determine the value of a property.

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We are always interested in connecting with members of our community. Whether you are interested in coordinating a virtual Financial Literacy webinar for your corporation, donating to support our mission, or simply wanting to learn how to improve your credit and manage the household budget, we would be happy to hear from you and meet you where you are along your journey.

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No matter what your needs are, access to quality, unbiased information is your right. Follow along as we provide essential information and resources to guide you at every stage of your journey.


HPP CARES CDE's accomplishments these past few years have been significant and all-encompassing; striving to advocate under the National Coalition for Equities’ umbrella to maintain a powerful community voice among the Federal and State regulators and major private sector corporations to address public policy issues, and to focus on the wealth & income inequality affecting affordable homeownership and small business growth. With the NCFE, HPP CARES CDE’s outreach efforts have led to an increase in corporate social responsibility and consumer protection. We have been able to reach more people, collaborate with more companies, meet with more regulators, all in the name of helping deserving individuals become sustainable homebuyers, successful small business owners, protected consumers and empowering California communities. HPP CARES CDE is at the forefront of helping people of color become partners in our mission to reduce income and wealth inequality and build stronger futures for all minority groups.