At HPP CARES CDE, we believe the cornerstone of financial security is personal finance education. Therefore, we felt this area of our organization could use a little revamping. Currently we are working swiftly to revise our process and resources to ensure that we not only meet but exceed your expectations.

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Manage your personal finances and improve your credit with our personalized, one-on-one Credit Coaching.

Get out of debt

Speak with our Debt Coaches to review all your options and discuss the best strategies for getting out of debt.

Get off ChexSystems

Learn what you need to do to get off ChexSystems and become bankable.

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Please note: We will offer free virtual Financial Classes and Events where you can ask questions in the live chat. In addition to our virtual session, we offer online courses free of charge and available 24/7. These online free personal finance classes are open to the public without any need to register. Explore customized budgeting and debt solutions that really work by expanding your personal finance education!

If you are interested in offering a virtual financial literacy class for your organization, Request a Virtual Workshop/Webinar.

We understand you are here to see how you can improve your credit. Therefore, in the meantime, take a look at some of our latest resources we wish to share with you from our newly formed partnership with FICO:

free fico score estimator

Educational Video Series

We’ve created these short videos to help individuals better understand FICO® Score basics.

What is a FICO® Score?

This video takes a look at what a FICO® Score is and why it matters to consumers and lenders alike. Watch to learn how FICO® Scores streamline the lending process, making it faster and fairer.

Watch the video

Managing your FICO® Scores

Do you know how to manage your FICO® Scores? Watch this video to learn about some credit score dynamics that can help you manage your FICO® Scores.

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How lenders use FICO® Scores

Ever wonder how FICO® Scores are used by lenders when determining whether someone will get a loan or what kind of interest rate they will be offered? Watch this video to see how those decisions are made.

Watch the video

What goes into FICO® Scores?

Understanding what goes into FICO® Scores is a vital part of a person’s credit health. Watch this video to learn the five key categories that factor into FICO® Scores.

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Which credit scores matter?

This video highlights the importance of understanding your FICO® Scores, the scores most commonly used by U.S. lenders.

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Understanding your credit report

Credit reports are the foundation of a FICO® Score, but what are they exactly? Watch this video to find out which information on an individual’s credit reports does and doesn’t impact FICO® Scores. Plus, understand how checking credit reports for accuracy can help ensure the FICO® Scores are reflective of that individual’s credit history and help protect against potential identity theft.

Watch the video
To learn more about FICO® Scores, download Understanding Fico® Scores and FAQs about Fico® Scores.


HPP CARES CDE's accomplishments these past few years have been significant and all-encompassing; striving to advocate under the National Coalition for Equities’ umbrella to maintain a powerful community voice among the Federal and State regulators and major private sector corporations to address public policy issues, and to focus on the wealth & income inequality affecting affordable homeownership and small business growth. With the NCFE, HPP CARES CDE’s outreach efforts have led to an increase in corporate social responsibility and consumer protection. We have been able to reach more people, collaborate with more companies, meet with more regulators, all in the name of helping deserving individuals become sustainable homebuyers, successful small business owners, protected consumers and empowering California communities. HPP CARES CDE is at the forefront of helping people of color become partners in our mission to reduce income and wealth inequality and build stronger futures for all minority groups.