Quick Tips

Sometimes you need a quick sheet to refer to as you move along your journey, please find the following Quick Tips Sheets you can use.

Preparing to Buy Tips

ADU Questions to ask

All questions you should ask as you review your quote. In the event these items are missing ask why and what would the quote increase to if they were added? The key is to get a quote that is all inclusive. This list is a starting point that you should ask and make sure is in the original quote so you wont have change orders cost on to of the original price.


HPP CARES CDE's accomplishments these past few years have been significant and all-encompassing; striving to advocate under the National Coalition for Equities’ umbrella to maintain a powerful community voice among the Federal and State regulators and major private sector corporations to address public policy issues, and to focus on the wealth & income inequality affecting affordable homeownership and small business growth. With the NCFE, HPP CARES CDE’s outreach efforts have led to an increase in corporate social responsibility and consumer protection. We have been able to reach more people, collaborate with more companies, meet with more regulators, all in the name of helping deserving individuals become sustainable homebuyers, successful small business owners, protected consumers and empowering California communities. HPP CARES CDE is at the forefront of helping people of color become partners in our mission to reduce income and wealth inequality and build stronger futures for all minority groups.